ICDS 2013

So..ICDS was last Sunday and I’ve been procrastinating on this post >.< I blame Terraria! That game is too awesomely addictive 😡 (speaking of which, we still need to mine for more mythril!!)

Ahem, anyways, I really enjoyed myself at ICDS! Didn’t manage to actually finish doing out all my new designs but I still did quite a bit and really happy with them so yay!

Preparation for the event wasn’t as stressful as I thought it’ll be! I thought it’ll be as I had quite little time left after coming back from Canada(more on that later!). I think maybe because I was still in holiday mode, I was doing things really slowly and leisurely and even played games every now and then lol. But I actually managed to finish packing up and go to bed early! :O Up till now, I always rush to finish packing up and don’t get enough sleep the day before events. So this is a huge improvement and I felt so refreshed the next day and not zombie-like!

On the day itself, my bf and I went down about an hour before the event started to set up the booth. Setting up the booth was surprisingly smooth-sailing, no last minute “omg I forgot to do something” and everything was already written and prepared, just needed to take it out and put it up. And I also felt that it was one of my nicest booth layout to date! Everything was nicely placed and segmented. Previously I always try to put everything out so my booth ended up looking really messy and overcrowded. I guess the only thing I didn’t really like was my tablecloth, it gets creased too easily and a bit too translucent. Guess I’ll need to go find a better one! 😀

Oh and also the booth area, it’s a little too compacted. There are 2 rows of booths facing back to back and each row had 5 booths but the tables are all connected! The space behind the booth is so small that when you put the chair, there is absolutely no space to move about so you can’t walk around plus, the tables are all connected so the people in the middle can’t exit from either sides! >.< The only thing we could do was crawl in and out from under the table.. Ended up getting some cuts on my hands and kept hitting my back with the table and looking really unglam lol. It’s really quite inconvenient(the girls beside me got it worse though, because they were wearing skirts :< ). Hopefully the organizers will take this into consideration and leave a little space in between each table for their next event!

Other than that, my experience at ICDS was an awesome one. All of my customers were really awesome and supportive! It was also really great to talk to some of the booth owners there. Met Dsurion, the owner of Wyrrd Rune Productions. She’s this awesome lady that does really gorgeous handmade jewelry! Her booth looks really pretty and I’m really impressed that she can do so many one-of-a-kind pieces! I think it can get really draining after a while because it’s really not easy to come out with so many new designs all the time! And she also bought a pair of Asuna and Kirito keychains from me 😀 Thank you!

I also had fun talking to my neighbor boothie, also an awesome lady who can draw really well. You can find her works and WIP here – http://find-e-world.blogspot.sg/ . She even gave me one of her first artbook with this really cute fanart and story called “Pancake” based on Pandora Hearts!


And here, my loot from ICDS! Got a ring from from Dsurion! She said it was an experimental piece but I really like it! It’s very elegant and not too extravagant. And also “Pancake” the artbook, Karneval stickers and a really cute shrink plastic key chain.:D

And that’s all for the event report! The new designs that I did for ICDS will be uploaded onto my etsy shop sometime in the near future as I need to redo them and take photos. Totally forgot and also didn’t have time to take photos before the event.

MPOW will continue starting next week! Still haven’t decided what I want to do for the next MPOW but I have a few projects in mind that I really wanna try! Also, I’m working on a new jewelry collection right now, not really sure when I’ll be done with it but I’ll probably be posting up some WIPs on my FB page and Instagram so please feel free to check it out every now and then! 😀

P.S: I really wanted to do a post about my trip to Canada and it’ll happen, just not so soon. The photos are still in my camera lol. And I have A LOT of photos. Totally went trigger happy when I was there :p

MPOW : Sleeping cat hairband

image (7) photo (9)

Sorry for missing MPOW last week! Been busy with preparation for the next event and also had many outings this and last week. So for this week’s MPOW, I made a pretty simple but cute hairband for a friend’s birthday! As you can probably tell, she loves cats! lol

I chose to make a sleeping cat cause I thought it’ll be pretty cute to be wearing a sleeping cat on her head! Hehe.

Announcement time!! Ok, as I’ll be busy preparing for ICDS and also the fact that I’ll be visiting relatives in Canada in 2 weeks time, there’ll be no more MPOW till end of August! >.< I’ll be posting about my trip in Canada though so do keep a look out for that! And also, there’ll probably be more updates through my Instagram as well so do follow me @ MangoCats!

See ya! ^-^v

No MPOW for the week

Sorry guys! There’ll be no MPOW this week as I’ve been busy and also not really feeling very well. 😦

The haze over here in Singapore is also getting worse @.@ Will prepare something awesome for MPOW next week!

MPOW : Simple beaded bracelets

Simple beaded braceletsThis week’s MPOW is super easy. I had a bunch of beads that I bought a while back but never got around to using it, so I decided to make elastic bracelets out of them. They’re super cool and I wear it all the time now!

Materials needed :

  • Assorted beads
  • Elastic strings



New hama bead bracelets


New hama beads bracelets up for sale on my etsy shop! Please do check them out! 😀


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